One-to-one systemic coaching

Are you considering coaching to find answers, to focus on the big picture or to reflect on your past choices in a a safe and encouraging environment? You found the right place. I can be your coach.

In my approach it is important that you find your own path, in your own time, to gain perspective, and to overcome challenges. I may not be Dr. Frazier Crane, but I am listening.

Discover and Find

  • Personal talents, strengths, and potential
  • What motivates you
  • Your leadership style


  • On where to put the emphasis in your life
  • Whether it’s time for a change
  • To move up or move out


  • Make that critical first step
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Restore your work-life balance

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It's a process

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.
Lewis Carroll

Change takes time. How long the change will take depends on your goals. Let’s consider change as a journey. If you don’t have a destination, how will you know, when you have arrived? Even if you do have a plan and are already following it, it is still possible to take a wrong turn, or even to realise that this direction was not what you really wanted at all!

So, where are you now? Are you at the beginning of your story, searching for your destination, or do you already have a plan, but something is preventing you from making that critical first step? Or maybe you are already on the road, and you are unsure whether this is indeed the right direction to take? In every case, I can accompany you in defining and realising your own destination.

Plans & Pricing

I offer one free initial coaching session as a way to get to know each other. These sessions are to answer any questions you may have, and to ultimately decide on whether we can (and want) to work together. I currently reserve Thursday/Friday afternoons for this purpose.

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If there is a way into the wood, there is also a way out.
Irish proverb

What people are saying

Ich denke, dass ich durch Dich, als völlig unbefangene Person zu meinem Charakter, doch besser meine Stärken ermitteln konnte und diese so bei der Suche nach dem passenden Job sowie in den Bewerbungen besser hervorheben konnte.
Daniela helped me get through a difficult professional transition phase. She perfectly combines her analytical skills with empathy and kindness. The fact that she has over 20 years practical professional experience in the sector makes her the perfect choice. Thanks to her support, I have gained a better understanding of some of the questions I need to ask myself in difficult situations.
Just a note to say how grateful I am for the session the other day! I immediately felt at ease and it is amazing how you zoned in on the one-two issues at the center of my deliberations. I also really appreciated the very concrete exercises / visual methods of analyzing one‘s situation.
Once again, I am reminded how valuable the skill of active listening and the coaching toolkit are – which you certainly incorporate and make look so effortless.

Ein herzliches Dankeschön, dass Du Dir die Zeit für das Coaching mit mir genommen hast. Es hat mir wirklich die Augen geöffnet und ich kann jetzt – gefühlt – die Dinge (innerlich) viel ruhiger angehen. Mal schauen, wann das mit dem nächsten Job klappt!

About me


Strong organisational background with over 25 years work experience in Finance, HR and Administration.

International context, predominantly in the NGO world, with the last quarter in Senior Management.

BSc in Sociology, MA in Social Management, Systemic Business Coach, member of the Systemic Society in Berlin and Fair Coach.

A positive, solution-orientated thinker with a strong passion for life-long learning and changing perspectives. At the same time practical, realistic and grounded.

A coaching style that can be described as direct, creative, and always with a good sense of humour.

Off the shelf

This is a collection of things I came across that sparked my interest, some of my favourite stories and anecdotes, methods and exercises. I like to consider it as an online version of an old beaten up (but beautiful) cookie tin, full of paper cut-outs and pictures, sprinkled with thoughts and reflections, allowing you a peek at how I tick.

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